About Bobbie Byrd

Bobbie Byrd is a social media influencer and expert based in Houston, TX. Over a decade ago, she started writing her personal blog, Clumsy Crafter. During that time she did all she could to learn how to market her own digital presence. Now years later, she’s recognized as one of the best in the Houston area at social media, digital design, digital marketing and blogging.

Personally, Bobbie is a wife, mom of three girls, dog lover and obsessed book worm who takes time to serve her community, including volunteering in children’s ministry and serving on her community’s HOA board. Professionally Bobbie is known for leading Houston Bloggers, a community of bloggers in the Houston area who meet monthly to learn how to improve their digital presence. 6 years ago she also co-founded Blog Elevated, which is a nationwide community of bloggers and digital influencers. Blog Elevated is known for it’s trending Twitter Chats as well as for hosting educational events and conferences.

Bobbie Can Help You With:

  • Social Media game plan or running your accounts for you
  • Digital design – Bobbie can do everything from designing a website to
  • creating logos or social media posts.
  • Create stunning videos for your social media accounts or website.
  • Blog coach
  • Marketing plans and strategies
  • Education on best social media practices for employees
  • Brand management
  • E-book cover designs

Contact Bobbie today to schedule a time to personally talk with her about how she can help you.